MRC Recycled Rubber Products
20 Enterprise Court, #3
Napa, California 94558

About MRC Recycled Rubber Products

MRC Recycled Rubber Products manufactures products that are environmentally safe and between 95-97% recycled.  The base of our manufacturing is crumb rubber made from recycled rubber tires.  We receive the rubber in the crumb size we specify for our manufacturing needs.

With California alone having 42M tires per year to discard, it is our duty to do something about this environmental problem.  There are 290M tires discarded per year in the United States.

Our pool coping is made from recycled tires.  The amount of deflection upon an impact situation (accident) is significantly reduced compared to the typical concrete edge coping. This is especially significant on commercial pools such as hotels, hospitals and public pools because of the non-slip and non-skid surface when wet or dry.

When our recycled coping is used on a residential pool, for example, it will reduce that family’s “carbon footprint” for their family cars’ tire usage in their lifetime (approximately 20 sets of tires).  This doesn’t address everyone’s carbon footprint issue, but it significantly helps Earth and the environment.

Every product that is manufactured by MRC Recycled Rubber Products is made with the environment and public safety at the forefront. Every one of our products has "A Safer Edge" than you would find when using concrete or any other product for any of the applications used.


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