MRC Recycled Rubber Products
20 Enterprise Court, #3
Napa, California 94558

About Us

Our Mission

 At MRC Recycled Rubber Products, we believe that protecting our environment should be an obligation that every organization must undertake. We strongly support having a clean environment around us in order to protect ourselves now and in the future.  This belief is what drives MRC Recycled Rubber Products to use recyclable materials to create powerful products and to continue to put efforts into developing new and impactful ideas that will keep our environment clean and safe.  

Our vision is to become an innovative company that focuses in using renewable materials and strong technologies to manufacture products that are efficient, durable, safe, and eco-friendly.  In achieving our vision, our goal is to hire a majority of our workforce from our Military Veterans, who have served our Country.  

Our Values:

  • Innovation
  • Environment
  • Leadership
  • Community

We value innovation based on recycling that enables us to make a difference in  our ever-changing environment.  We want to be leaders in keeping our environment clean by using renewable materials to manufacture our products. Our goal is to make our products out of 100% renewable materials. 

Our Founder:

Mark Castellucci Sr
., Founder and CEO of MRC Recycled Rubber Products, has been in the construction industry for over 30 years.  His wife and their five children enjoy their family pool in the Napa Valley for many months out of the year.  A concern about his children and their friends slipping and falling when running around wet and slippery concrete surfaces is what led him to develop pool coping products made from recycled rubbers.  The ability to bring a recycled rubber tire into usage even though it is on a recreation point to help reduce the carbon footprint on the earth for generations to come is so significant.  Mark and his family are very pleased to make these products available to the general public. 

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