MRC Recycled Rubber Products
20 Enterprise Court, #3
Napa, California 94558

Current Products Available

Pool Coping - This is our original design and is a patented product that replaces concrete currently being used and that has been used for years around pools.  Our pool coping is 2 ¼” thick and is completely impervious to saline, chlorine, and muriatic acid used in a pool environment.  

Many nosing profiles and colors are available.  Special sizes can be manufactured as needed for custom applications.

Cinder Block Cap - This can be used for seating and can be placed on top of an existing concrete cinder block as well as our sea wall extension block for comfort and safety.  Our standard size is 10 x 24” and is 1/8” thick.  This product also slows down skateboarders dramatically for existing concrete retaining walls on commercial facilities.  Rubber is inherently a poor choice to “grind” on.  

Walkway/Driveway/Rubber Mats – This product is 2 ¼” to match our coping product.  It has the ability to lock into the coping to maintain a consistent height on both products.  This product comes in a variety of sizes starting at 24 x 24” in a single piece, up to 42 x 42”.  Besides the color options as in the coping, this can also be manufactured with a “brick” pattern and we will be releasing a “flagstone” pattern in the very near future.  

  All of these above products are “skid” resistant and non-permeable for weather conditions.  

Sea Wall Extension - This along with our above patented products has the ability to change results of global warming in the very near future.  The Sea Wall Extension is approximately 12” wide, 10” tall, and 24” long, with two hollow cells on both sides of the product.  These cells do not have to be filled, as is the case with concrete cinder block.  There is no rebar to fail due to weather conditions.  Our attachment process is significantly stronger than a cold joint found in mortar/concrete attachment from a concrete cinder block to an existing concrete cinder wall.

The above Cinder Block Cap goes on top of this product after the height is established.
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